But to better understand how our activity unfolds and what we mean by a true off-road expedition in the Carpathian Mountains, let me tell you what the program is like in such an experience, what you can see in the area, where our base is located, and what a complete package includes.

The OFF ROAD ROMANIA base is located just 100 kilometers away from Bucharest, to the north, in the town of Valenii de Munte, and most of the time, customers are transported from the airport to accommodation by minibus or van depending on the group size. In our town and surroundings, accommodation is diversified. You can opt for a 4-star hotel, such as Hotel Afrodita, or for those who appreciate traditional food and more secluded places, a mountain cabin is the ideal place for relaxation.

Programme of the 5 days Off Road tour in Romania (Carpathian Mountains area):

Day 1: Transporting participants from the airport to the accommodation near the OFF Road Romania base, check-in at the hotel or cabin, and an afternoon full of relaxation with a glass of wine and a purely Romanian dinner.

Day 2: After breakfast, the group will be transferred from the accommodation to our base where a brief meeting will be held, safety equipment will be handed out, and instruction will be given for driving the vehicles. It is very important for participants to understand that this activity often comes close to practicing an extreme sport, and safety must come first. The first day will be... the day of speed... on the secondary roads of the Carpathian Mountains. The rolling surface will be macadam where off-road speeds can easily reach 80 km/h, and the occupants of the buggies will turn into real Rally Ride pilots. For lunch, we will stop in the mountain area at Stana lui Ilie where we will enjoy a true feast prepared from local products. After lunch, it's time to visit a very important and dear place to me, Pasul Tabla Butii, a wonderful place that in the past was the border between two Romanian countries and where many battles for the defense of these wonderful places were fought. After lunch, we continue further, another 50 kilometers to the north, on the mountain ridges, through coniferous forests and very deep valleys. After a day full of adventure, we will stay at a cabin located in a wild area of the mountains, where a traditional dinner, local drinks, and good spirits unite the team. Now it's time to rest, tomorrow a new day of adventure begins!

Day 3: After serving a delicious breakfast prepared from local products, it's time to explore the new Off-Road trails in the area. This time, the day will be even more thrilling and the adrenaline level will rise to the maximum. It's the day of technical trail with many climbs to the limit, lateral inclinations, and spectacular crossings. In a rainy season, this will be the area with abundant mud where participants will be faced with the real challenges of nature. There will be no shortage of winching and tense moments because as I said, Off-Roading is ultimately an extreme sport. Lunch will be taken on the go, our guide will prepare a hearty platter with the best raw vegetables from the area, a lighter meal because, let's not forget, it's the day of extreme trail and we need to be in the best physical shape to face this day. The trail continues through the dense deciduous forests of the Subcarpathian area, with spectacular crossings through rivers, climbs up deep ravines that challenge even the most experienced pilots. Don't worry... even though the trail seems like one taken from action movies, we never leave anyone behind. Our guides with plenty of experience in Off-Roading and in organizing mountain expeditions will assist you technically and logistically throughout the trail to ensure you reach your destination safely. The evening will be magical, with music and stories by the campfire, then dinner and of course local drinks prepared according to centuries-old recipes will take you into a fairy tale world.

5 days trip in romania

Day 4 (the third day of off-road): After all the effort put in yesterday, it's time to relax the situation a bit but to keep the bar as high as possible for a successful Off-Road vacation in Romania. This time, we will approach the highest mountain ridges in the area, we will climb high rocks and hidden waterfalls, because the most beautiful Off-Road trails are found where the sky meets the earth. We couldn't miss this area especially since Off-Roading in mountain areas is wonderful because of the unique landscapes you can admire, the diversity of trails in terms of difficulty, but also the extraordinary people with whom you share this adventure. Most of the time in our adventures, we have met wonderful people from whom we have learned a lot, and their satisfaction that they have lived wonderful moments in Off-Roading with our team has made us continue the story every year. Riding on the highest mountain ridges, we cross the heights of the Ciucaș Mountains and traverse them from east to west, then we head south through the Bratocea Pass and wander for a few more good hours until, in the evening, we arrive for the last time at our base and then at the hotel in town.

Day 5: Usually, on this day, adventure participants visit one or more tourist attractions in the area and relax at a terrace or restaurant where they tell funny stories from the past days. Of course, you can't get to our area without visiting Salina Unirea, the largest salt mine in southeastern Europe, where you can find the purest air on Earth, or the well-known Bran Castle with its Count Dracula who at night turns into a bloody vampire. But if you're not a fan of horror movies and vampire stories, we recommend visiting a nearby vineyard area, where a wine tasting can make the delight of this trip. This is the ONE TIME IN LIFE adventure that we propose to you on the Romanian lands, in the Carpathian Mountains area on board an Off-Road vehicle piloted by you on the wildest trails. And if you think that everything I've told you so far is a story taken from action movies, with many horsepower and fairytale places with unique landscapes and wonderful people, all you have to do is choose one of our packages available on the website, make a reservation, and convince yourself that everything is as REAL as it can be.

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Discover the pure thrill of off-road adventure with our 5-day off-road tour! We are proud to present OFF ROAD ROMANIA, where adventure enthusiasts find exclusive trails, known only to us. We invite you to join us for a unique experience, combining technique, adrenaline and the pleasure of driving on rough terrain.

With the most exciting tours on offer for buggies, ATVs, UTVs and jeeps, we promise an unforgettable wilderness experience. Whether you're an off-road enthusiast or just looking for a way to escape the daily grind, these adventure-filled days will give you exactly what you need.

Our team carefully prepares every detail to ensure your comfort and safety throughout your journey. Come and test your skills in extreme conditions, enjoy the adrenaline rush and feel the freedom to explore unique trails.

Don't miss the opportunity to be part of this unforgettable experience! We are waiting for you to contact us today to book your place in one of the most exciting off-road adventures in Romania. Adrenaline and mud are waiting for you to discover the hidden beauty of nature on wheels in Romania!