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Type of vehicle:

Segway, long version for two persons, with power steering, winch, LED headlights and side guards. Powerful, comfortable and very agile in the field.

  • - BUGGY Off Road Driving.
  • - Off Road Professional Guide.
  • - Training before departure.
  • - Fuel and technical assistance.
  • - Photo/video collage from the route.
  • - Bed and breakfast included 2 - 5 days.
UTV Rental Center in romania

Discover the Off-Road Adventure with our Valenii de Munte UTV Rental Center

Our team of professional off-road guides is here to guide you through your personalized journey. With deep knowledge of the Ciucas Mountains and exceptional off-road driving skills, these guides will ensure a safe and exciting experience.

The Carpathian Mountains provide diverse trails and breathtaking landscapes. From scenic routes to adrenaline-filled adventures with many challenges, we have everything to satisfy the desires of every adventurer.

Each adventure day concludes with a delicious dinner at a renowned guesthouse or cabin in the area. We provide accommodation options in picturesque areas near the trails, and the traditional shepherd's lunch served at the mountain hut will be the delight of this experience.

Instructors and Challenging Trails

Our experienced instructors and challenging trails are the perfect combination for an adventurous experience. Our skilled guides are dedicated to providing you with a safe and thrilling off-road journey. Explore the excitement of our challenging routes under the guidance of our expert team. Venture into the mud, explore mountain peaks, pass through picturesque mountain huts, and let your adventurous spirit unfold in an authentic off-road experience. Every corner hides surprises and moments that will become precious memories.

How You Can Personalize Your Adventure:

Contact us: Get in touch with our team to share your preferences, from the duration and intensity of the trail to the type of preferred vehicle.

Trail Customization: Our guides will collaborate with you to create a personalized trail that meets exactly what you desire.

3. Personalized Adventure: Each day of your excursion will be filled with surprises, adventures, and memories that will last a lifetime.

Custom Off-Road Trails at Off Road Romania is not just an off-road excursion; it's the adventure of a lifetime. Take part in a personalized journey through the Ciucas Mountains, where adrenaline, spectacular nature, and unforgettable memories come together in perfect harmony.

Get ready for fun, challenge, and discovery with the Custom Off-Road Trails Package at Off Road Romania! Contact us today to start planning your personalized off-road adventure.