Tips and Recommendations for Off-Road Driving

Climbing Hills:

1. Go Straight, Not Diagonal: Always try to climb a steep hill straight, not diagonally. This will ensure a more stable trajectory and an efficient approach to challenging terrain.

2. Avoid Turning on Steep Slopes: If your vehicle can't reach the top of the hill, avoid attempting to turn on the slope. Place the vehicle in the lower range and slowly reverse to avoid dangerous situations.

3. Use Hill Descent Control: When descending a steep hill, select a low gear and activate the hill descent control. Use the accelerator and brake pedals to control your descent speed, ensuring you use this feature in reverse.

Climbing Hills and Crossing Obstacles:

1. Check the Path Ahead: Always check the path ahead before attempting to cross an obstacle. Analyze it from outside the vehicle to understand the terrain conditions in front and behind the obstacle.

2. Approach Obstacles Slowly: Approach obstacles slowly and cross them gradually. This approach will give you the necessary control to successfully overcome obstacles.

3. Choose Wise Paths: If you can't avoid a large obstacle, such as a rock, choose a path that places the rock directly under the tire, avoiding contact with the underside of the vehicle and preventing damage.

4. Crossing Ditches and Landslide Areas: Ditches and landslide areas should be crossed at a 45-degree angle, allowing each wheel to independently traverse the obstacle. This ensures a safe trajectory and minimal tire wear.

Off-road driving is an art that is learned over time, experience, and dedication. Follow these tips and recommendations to make every off-road journey a safe and rewarding adventure.

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Off-Road Driving Courses

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