1. Unirea Salt Mine - Slanic, the Largest Salt Mine in Europe and the Purest Air on Earth

Just 100 kilometers away from Bucharest and a 10-minute drive from our base in the town of Slanic, lies the largest salt mine in Europe in terms of volume of excavated salt, totaling 2.9 million cubic meters. From the salt exploitation, 14 trapezoidal-profile chambers were formed, totaling approximately 80,000 square meters.

These 14 chambers have an opening of 10 meters at the ceiling, 32 meters at the base, and a height of 54 meters. The depth of the salt mine is 208 meters. The impressive dimensions have established the mine as the largest in Europe.

In 1685, the mine was bought by the spatharius Mihai Cantacuzino, and industrial exploitation took place between 1943-1970, after which it became exclusively a tourist attraction. The most important features of the mine are the air of unique purity in the world and the temperature that remains constant throughout the year, namely 13 degrees Celsius.

If you choose to spend your vacation with Off Road Romania, surely the Unirea Salt Mine will be one of the important attractions worth visiting.

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2. Tabla Butii Pass - The Border between Two Worlds

In all the off-road excursions we organize with ATVs, buggies, or jeeps, we cross the Ciucaș Mountains through an extraordinary pass from a historical and cultural perspective, with unique landscapes.

This wonderful place was the border for many centuries between the old Romanian principalities of Transylvania and Wallachia. Situated at an altitude of 1300 meters, the pass was used for transporting goods from the Danube to the West, and during the Ottoman occupation, it served as a strategic defense point against the Ottoman Turks.

It is said that the road that crosses the mountain ridges and reaches the Vama Buzaului depression was built by the Romans immediately after the conquest of Dacia in 106 AD. On Mount Tătărul (so named because of the Tatar invasions in the area), a defensive fortress was built in the 13th century, and for many centuries, the fortress stood even in the most turbulent times.

In our off-road routes, we are often hosted at Stana lui Ilie, located a few hundred meters away from Mount Tătărul (Tabla Butii) for a traditional feast. Here, the traditional food and the unique view of the Ciucaș Mountains make you want to come back every time you have the chance.

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3.Bison Reserve - Bison Valley

The off-road trails in Romania cross high mountains and ancient forests where wild animals often make their presence felt. One of the most important specimens in Romania's fauna is the bison. The bison (Bison bonasus) is the largest terrestrial mammal in Europe.

It used to be present throughout the continent, except in some areas of Spain, Italy, and northern Scandinavia. Romania is one of the 9 European countries with wild bison populations. To protect this species, the Valea Zimbrilor Reserve was established in Vama Buzaului in 2008, covering an area of 10 hectares, and in 2023, it is planned to introduce another 80 hectares of forest into this reserve.

Currently, the reserve is home to 14 bison specimens. Deer and roe deer share the same area with this legendary animal, protected throughout Europe, and which, under optimal conditions, can weigh up to 900 kilograms.

If you purchase an adventure package from our website, you will certainly visit the Valea Zimbrilor Reserve to admire these majestic animals, a true symbol of Romania.

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