Extra Package Price: 950 RON/ATV for 5 hours.

Tip vehicul:

ATV SEGWAY, the long version for two people, with power steering, winch, LED headlights, and side protections. Powerful, comfortable, and very agile off-road.

  • Pilotare ATV pe traseu Off Road.
  • - ATV Off-Road Trail Riding.
  • - Off Road Professional Guide.
  • - Training before departure.
  • - Fuel and technical assistance.
  • - Shepherd's lunch at Stana din Vale.
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ATV Trail in Romania - A Dose of Adrenaline in the Ciucas Mountains

The ATV trails in the Ciucas Mountains are designed for those who love thrilling sensations and the beauty of nature. Whether you are an adventurer seeking new challenges or a mountain enthusiast wanting to see the incredible landscapes of Ciucas, these ATV trails are perfect for you.

With an ATV, you'll be able to explore parts of the mountains that you wouldn't be able to access otherwise. With exceptional off-road capabilities, ATVs take you through rugged terrain and dense forests, giving you the opportunity to see flora and fauna in a unique way.

ATV Trails in the Ciucas Mountains - A Truly Special Experience

All ATV circuits in the Ciucas Mountains are organized with professional off-road guides who know every corner of these mountains. These passionate guides are not only experts in driving ATVs in challenging terrains but also experienced guides in ecotourism. They know how to take you to the most beautiful places and provide valuable information about the surrounding environment.

Moreover, specialized assistance is always at hand. Whether you encounter technical difficulties with the ATV or have questions about the route, our guides and staff are here to help. Your safety is our priority, and our equipment is always in perfect working condition.

However, mountain ATV tours are not just about admiring the landscapes. They represent a unique opportunity to connect with nature, enjoy the sensation of freedom, and experience adrenaline at its peak. On our trails, you'll feel the wind in your hair, cross rivers with the ATV, and face the challenges of the terrain with courage.

Variety of ATV Trails

Whether you are a novice in the world of ATVs or an experienced rider, we have suitable trails for everyone. Our ATV trails are adapted to your level of experience and preferences. From easy routes through serene forests to extreme adventures that take you on steep mountain ridges, we have it all.

Book Your ATV Trail in Romania

If you want to experience the adventure of ATV trails in the Ciucas Mountains, don't hesitate to contact us. With trails for all levels of experience and passionate guides eager to share their knowledge, you will have a truly memorable adventure.

The adventure of ATV trails in the Ciucas Mountains brings you not only thrilling sensations but also a deeper connection with the natural beauty of this region. With specialized guides and assistance, you can enjoy every moment worry-free. Reserve your spot now and get ready for a truly special experience in the heart of the mountainous nature of Ciucas.

If you desire a customized ATV circuit in the mountains, we invite you to check out our Custom Package, offering you an unforgettable experience. With this package, you will benefit from ATV off-road driving under the supervision of a professional off-road guide. We guarantee your safety and maximum fun on our mountain trails. Additionally, you will receive special training before departure, ensuring you feel prepared for your ATV adventure. Choose the Custom Package and enjoy a unique experience!