Extra Package 1450 Ron/Buggy

Vehicle type:

Segway, long version for two persons, with power steering, winch, LED headlights and side guards. Powerful, comfortable and very agile in the field.

  • - BUGGY Off Road Driving.
  • - Off Road Professional Guide.
  • - Training before departure.
  • - Fuel and technical assistance.
  • - Photo/video collage of the trail.
the best trails off road in Romania

Discover the Carpathian Mountains Your Way on a BUGGY Trail in Romania

Discover the mountain differently and enjoy a multitude of Buggy trails for all levels. The adventure will start as soon as we head to the beautiful Ciucas Mountains, with breathtaking views that will take your breath away. Here, you'll feel the thrill of driving a BUGGY in the middle of nature.

The Ciucas Mountains, with their spectacular scenery and exciting mountain trails, are the ideal place to satisfy your thirst for adventure. And what better way to experience this natural beauty than from behind the wheel of a state-of-the-art BUGGY?

BUGGYs are waiting for you at our rental centre, ready to give you an unforgettable experience. Whether you are a thrill-seeker or just want to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life, our BUGGY is the perfect choice. We have trails for all levels, so beginners and experienced riders alike can enjoy this adventure.

Feel the thrill of driving a BUGGY in the Ciucas Mountains!

Our team of professional guides is here to teach you how to ride a BUGGY and guide you on the mountain trails. With their advice, you'll gain confidence and master the art of off-road driving in record time.

The BUGGY adventure is not just about thrills and amazing views. It's also about connecting with nature, about freedom and the joy of experiencing something new. The Ciucas Mountains are full of surprises and the BUGGY is the ideal vehicle to discover them.

We are waiting for you on an exciting trail in Romania!

Whether you want to explore remote areas and feel like a modern-day explorer or revel in panoramic views from the peaks of the mountain peaks, your BUGGY will take you there. You'll cross dense forests, feel the adrenaline rush on the downhill trails and experience the joy of the true joy of off-roading.

In addition, the BUGGY trail is a great activity for groups of friends or families. You will create unforgettable memories together and share unique moments of joy and excitement.

Book a BUGGY ride in the Ciucas Mountains now and get ready for an adventure full of adrenaline and surprises. Here at the Valenii de Munte Rental Centre, we are ready to guide you through this incredible experience, to offer you the best BUGGYs and make your trip to the Ciucas Mountains an unforgettable experience. We are waiting for you with open arms to set off together on this exciting trail!